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Thursday, July 3, 2008


Ever heard of Pandora.com? It's wonderful. I'm listening to my Ani DeFranco mix right now. I'm convinced they have everything.

This evening I spent quite a portion of it preparing for my husband's arrival tomorrow. I want him to feel very. . .welcomed home. Ladies - we sure go to a lot of work. However, in my more girly moments I admit to myself that I like it. I like preparing and painting my nails. I like sitting around listening to good music and plucking my eyebrows. I love the way my body feels after shaving. I can't wait for him to come home and smell my new scent - I mixed two fragrances from Bath and Body Works. Yummy. I shall be wearing something wonderful and I will have a great lunch prepared with a CD mix going on in the other room. I may have also picked up a few beverages.

An a slightly less private note - it seems like couples give up after a few years. Today at work people were talking about their spouses. To me it sounded like their other half just wanted a little attention. I told one guy to take home some flowers and maybe a treat that she likes and then not ask for "goodies." You see, she'll feel loved and not just sought-after and then she will come and get it; as it were. We ladies just like to know that we are cared about and that you really tried to do something sweet. This goes the other way too. I know that any man appreciates when his girl gets all fancy for him and makes him feel like a King. I don't understand why people can be so selfish.

My parents gave me two bits of advice when I got married. First, never make him guess what I'm thinking. Second, be nice. These two things have helped a lot. I'm far from perfect, but everyday I get up and try again. Everyone tells me that after _____ number of years that will change. That used to be a few, or five, but now that we've been together for almost nine (married for almost five), people have bumped that number up to ten or some other arbitrary number. I hope to prove you all wrong and to show that a gentle give-and-take is the best way. It helps to have the best husband of all the husbands.

This is a super-selfish post; I hope you'll forgive me. Wish me a good weekend.


Dragonfly said...

Sounds like two good rules.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

That is some great advice! You can't go wrong on those. I feel the same way. A while back I was telling a good friend who landed in prison over something very stupid how frustrated I was with my marriage. He is of course away from his wife and children and he told me that he hoped I wasn't thinking of leaving-- he acknowledged my stress and said that if I could make it work to try for two weeks without expecting compensation. (He and my husband are cut from the same fabric-- this would not have worked with my ex.) It worked-- my husband came around! We resume each day when he returns home with a 10 second kiss. That is also nice.

I love Pandora too-- I like to listen to the Fleetwood Mac station, but then go to Baroque Choral and flip around.