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Monday, July 7, 2008


I've been writing poetry since I was in the forth grade. I hope you like some of these.

On Love - written in 2004

Pen in hand
a bitter love note
written with the scratching
sound of angry
one final stab
the last say
you had it coming
or rather
you deserved it
mouthing the words
one corner of my lip
Clean sheet of paper
"I'm sorry."

On Coffee Houses - written in 2007

Metallic sculptures
hard lines
consummate angles
Friendly conversation
little glimpses
into unknown lives
beautiful faces
shining eyes
troubled smile lines
big soft chairs to cushion
like arms
the ones that don't hold you
Happy music
for sad people

On Aging (Le Sigh) - written in 2005

I'm filling out
getting rounder
the days are getting
shorter, colder
the winters are harsh
the summers hotter
I don't understand
Kids these days
I'm out of style
out of touch
your touch
Bacchus help me
I'm not so pretty

Into the Dark - written in 2003

Always remember
to close the door -
behind you
Lest the memories
to claim your life
And all the while
at your stupidity

A small smattering. Perhaps I will keep it coming; I have tons and tons of stuff.


Tea N. Crumpet said...

Joy that foams up dishwashers
Does not make moms smile
Run child! Your mother frowns deep.


Actually, I don't do a damned thing. I bring the kids in and I finish the cycle while we scrub the floor!


I do like your poetry. I think that if you share some of this with your patients, you will get them writing, too, and nurses will recognize your patients by the ones who don't watch TV, but who sit in their rooms to recover with a book and pen in hand!

heebnvegan said...

Thanks for your kind words on heebnvegan. And congrats on making the switch to a vegan diet!