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Monday, July 7, 2008

Lovely Lazyness

I had a wonderful weekend despite the upstairs toilet dying a sad, leaky death. Of course, being utterly neurotic, I lost an entire night's sleep worrying about it. It's a toilet! Really, it's no big deal. But huge quantities or water and vast sums of money. Oy.

Speaking of neurotic - I had to laugh at myself. Here I am, dropping a perfectly successful teaching career to go traipsing off to medical school, converting to Judaism (two weeks left to go), and thinking, "Hey, I should totally go vegan!" Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's true, I am strange, bold, and never idle (unless the couch phenomenon gets me). For those not privy to the couch phenomenon - that's when you sit down on the couch with a cup of perfect coffee and get to thinking or watching the birds or pondering one's unbelievably strange neighbors. We have one set of neighbors that only allows their children to play between the garage and back of the house. That's approximately 15 square feet in which to roam! They even have a plastic fence to keep them back there. Yes, they are of the extremely conservative sect. They don't want their dim-witted, obese, blond, screaming brats to interact with the heathen black kids next door. The heathen black kids come from a nice Christian family. However, they are black, and that's bad. I heard Mr. "I'm a super-good Christian" curse loudly when the black family moved in. Really Sir, you're gunna be all right.

So I called in sick to work today. I do have a sore throat. I am tired; I didn't sleep. I think some bike riding and coffee drinking should do the trick. Perhaps I will sit my rear down and really study Hebrew. I seem to moonlight with it. I love the language, but it's so difficult that I get frustrated. Anyone who thinks it appropriate to point out that medical school is pretty tough will be ignored. I reserve the right to roll my eyes at you. I guess I do best with a drill master, or at least a curriculum that won't allow me to whine and then go off-course, usually with a coffee and sketch book in hand. I need external discipline. Alas, I am not focused enough on my own. This saddens me. "Five times a day, with bricks."

I have a feeling that something delicious is about to be made in my kitchen! Shalom y'all.


Tea N. Crumpet said...

What is your religious background? I assumed you were Jewish just because you are so smart and cultured.

Is your husband joining with you?

I am so envious of you! I was converting but to a Reform group when I met my husband who was Baptist. We came to Orthodox Christianity (Russian) together, but there is something about the chanting in a synagogue that makes my heart settle.

Anne said...

You are a flatterer. I'm certainly average, and too stubborn not to try. I was born and raised Catholic by two hippie parents that do not believe in Jesus as Christ. . .No, I don't understand, either.

Technically, my husband should convert too, but he doesn't believe in the tenets of Judaism. My Rabbi is flexing this, and I'm grateful for that.

I very much like Conservative Judaism, because they keep (mostly) traditional ways, but believe in egalitarianism, which is important to me.


Latin Autodidact said...

"Technically, my husband should convert too"? I beg your pardon? Just kidding, dear - I know that you meant that, technically, it should have been either both of us or neither.

To be more direct, her husband - me - tried to convert to Judaism, and accidentally became a Christian in the process. Not, however, for any lack of intellect or culture, if you please . . . though I have to agree that the Jews I met in the process, like those I have known in the past, are as a body as smart, cultured, and intellectually active as any group you could hope to find. Certainly as much so as, for example, Unitarians or Mensans.

But, in short, for historical and ethical reasons, and for inexplicable reasons that come from very deep in my soul (or outside of me entirely), I wasn't able to join my wife in Judaism. I shut up now to avoid blogging on her blog.

Anne said...

I am offended to think of Unitarians and Mensans on the same level as Jews, but that might be too much honesty. My dear, you must do what's best and most meaningful for you. I won't lie and say I'm excited about it, but I will support you. If only I could be as good to you as you are to me, but alas, you didn't think that through when you married me. . .

Dragonfly said...